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Press Fit Valves

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New for 2011! Press Fit Valves

Due to the growing popularity of press fittings, Albion has launched its own range of press valves. Available in sizes from 15mm to 54mm, you can enjoy the usual quality and value for money you’d expect from Albion, plus all the benefits of press fit installation.

Typically saves 10 minutes per valve installation


Installation couldn’t be easier when you use Albion press valves. Designed for use with standard copper pipe, valves can be fitted without the need for solder or thread sealant. Simply press the valves into the system using standard ‘M’ profile jaws and that’s it. No fuss, no mess and no leaks.

Estimates suggest that press fittings reduce installation time by up to 50%, saving you valuable time and money.

What’s more, connections can be made on new and retro-fit installations, even when the system is ‘wet’.


Unlike most press valves, which need adapter fittings, Albion’s press ends are an integral part of the valve’s body.

This means it is more cost effective when compared to buying separate adapter fittings AND it removes two potential leak points from every valve. When you consider the number of valves used in a typical installation, this is a significant reduction in potential leak points overall.

With more and more projects specifying clean installation, we know that the demand for press fit valves and fittings will only increase.

Diagram: 'O' ring provides pre-press leak detection. Two piece valve constriciton - eliminates 2 adaptor fittings and potential leak points. Proven design - has been available in US for 5 years. Now available in the UK.

Produced in association with Cimberio, a leading manufacturer of quality valves, installed in over 54 countries globally.


With no need for additional adapter fittings, thread sealant or solder, Albion’s Press valves use less materials and less effort. This makes them a cost effective choice and one that’s good for the environment too.


Less parts, less materials and less installation time all mean one thing – less costs. But less costs doesn’t mean less quality.