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Certificates & Approvals

Pressure and Temperature

Pressure and Temperature information shown in this price list is for guidance only. Pressures stated are generally based on the smaller sizes of each product and may reduce significantly for the larger sizes.

It is also a fundamental principle of valves and pipe work systems that if the temperature is increased then the pressure must be reduced. For exact pressure/temperature relationships we recommend that you check our product data sheets or consult our sales office.

Although many of our valves are suitable for use at temperatures below freezing, it is necessary to take precautions to prevent the line fluid freezing and causing subsequent damage to the valve and pipe work system.

Approvals and Certification

Albion Valves' commitment to quality is reflected by our operation of an independently assessed quality management system registered under ISO9001:2008.

We also operate an environmental management system that has been successfully assessed against the ISO14001:2004 standard.

All applicable products conform to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and where necessary are CE marked.

Certain products also have specific approvals - EN331 approval for gas and WRAS approval for portable water. These items are indicated in the price list. Many products also have other national approvals (ie DVGW, AGA, KIWA), please enquire if a specific approval is required.

Test Certificates or Letters of Conformity are generally available for all products, please advise your requirements when placing orders.

ISO 9001
Download our ISO9001 certificate
(.pdf format).
ISO 14001
Download our ISO14001 certificate
(.pdf format).

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