Are you using Safety Valves that conform to PED?

There is increasing concern within the building services and industrial industries that some valve suppliers are selling safety valves without the appropriate approvals. This has a detrimental and potentially dangerous outcome if used on critical applications.

Both safety valves and pressure relief valves are widely used as the last safety device in a pressure system, however the two should not be confused. A pressure relief valve should not be used as a safety valve and to safeguard specifiers should always ensure they look for PED conformity.

Safety valves of the category IV type are type-test approved by a notified body for all set pressures and conform to PED 2014/68/EU requirements for all of these set pressures that the prevailing pressure never exceeds the maximum permissible pressure by any more than 10%.

Pressure relief valves do not have a type test approval and consequently no reliable information is available to prove that these valves generally fulfil the requirements of the PED 2014/68/EU, as is the case for safety valves with a type test approval by a notified body.    

In order to help take the headache out of navigating the complex EU legislation, Albion has introduced an extensive range of PED compliant safety products.

To ensure that you do not fall short on the safety requirements, the sales team at Albion can help advise which product is most suitable for your application.

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ART 642 & ART 645. WRAS Approved.