Albion working towards greater water supply safety

Albion Valves Ltd, a leading UK valve supplier has added a range of WRAS approved double check valves to their portfolio to ensure distributors are specifying superior, fit-for-purpose products that are fully compliant with increasingly stringent water industry regulations.

Double check valves are specifically designed to protect water supplies from contamination and are used to safeguard the water supply to millions of domestic and non-domestic properties nationwide.

Albion works closely with UK water companies and is keen to raise awareness of and help rectify the increasing number of water regulations being contravened within some fluid categories.

UK water regulations classify the range of domestic and non-domestic uses of water into five fluid categories. These categories are graded from 1 – 5; from the cleanest wholesome water rated as category ‘1’, to water classed as posing a serious risk to health graded as a ‘5’.

Engineers working in the water industry find a variety of contraventions especially in fluid category 3 areas, often where unsuitable valves and fittings are found in domestic settings – for example outside taps. Also, many WC inlet valves present back flow problems and therefore compromise the safety of the water supply.

Albion valves has added new WRAS approved Double Check valves to their water industry product portfolio, that can be specified for fluid categories up to and including category 3 to help address the problem. With ½ to 2’’ screwed fittings, 15-28mm compression and 2-10” flanged ends, this range is suitable for a host of applications.

Daniel Littlewood, Senior Water Regulations Technician at Severn Trent Water commented:

“At Severn Trent, as is the case across many other water companies, our team of water fittings technicians visit both domestic and non-domestic properties to ensure plumbing systems are in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations.

Fluid categories not only define the potential level of contamination risk, but also define the recommended rectification method to the affected plumbing system, in order to allay the risk.

In relation to fluid category 3, whereby water presents a slight risk to health, our inspectors frequently specify the installation of a WRAS approved double check valve immediately upstream of the at-risk process or fitting.”

David Keys, Managing Director at Albion Valves Ltd, commented:

“At Albion we work closely with water companies like Severn Trent to identify the common problem areas in water contamination. As a result, we are able to offer this insight to our distributors to help support and inform their purchasing decisions.

We are committed to helping the water industry ensure the supply remains clean and uncontaminated due to waste by backflow from third party plumbing systems. Therefore, we believe it is crucial that WRAS approved products are fitted in these grade 3 category situations.

The approval goes a long way to ensuring the functionality of the valves, and guaranteeing peace of mind that continued protection is given in these applications.”


For more information on the new double check valves please find the links to the datasheets below…

ART 36 –

ART 37 –

ART 236 –


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