Albion’s Range of Press-Fit Valves Continues to Impress

Enhanced joint performance, time-efficient, clean installation and improved finish are all benefits that have contributed to the growth in popularity of press fittings across the commercial plumbing and heating markets in recent years. Although ‘press-fit’ technology has been a major trend in continental Europe for 30 years or more, it is only relatively recently that the UK has fully embraced this form of fixing.

Press-fit systems provide flame-free installation, making soldering a thing of the past. Not only does this make the job site safer by removing the risk of fire, it also makes the job quicker and cleaner leading to increased productivity and reduction of labour.

All of this has contributed to Albion Valves, an independent supplier of commercial valves and fittings, seeing its range of press valves grow in popularity – particularly due to their unique construction…

Unlike most press-fit valves, which need adapter fittings, Albion’s Press (PRS) range has been designed so that the press fittings form an integral part of the valve’s body. This removes the need for adapter fittings and significantly reduces potential leak points. When you consider the number of valves used in a typical installation, this is major improvement as well as a significant cost saving when compared to buying separate adapter fittings.

Designed for use with standard copper pipe, Albion’s Press valves can be fitted without the need for solder or thread sealant using their standard ‘M’ profile jaws. What’s more, connections can be made on new and retro-fit installations, even when the system is ‘wet’.

Les Littlewood, Sales and Marketing Director at Albion said:

“With more and more projects specifying clean installation, demand for Press valves and fittings has increased exponentially for us over recent years. Customers have come to rely on our press-fit valves due to their ease of use and high levels of reliability – often citing issues with other makes of press valve as another reason for switching to Albion. Our estimates suggest that press fittings reduce installation time by up to 50%, saving installers valuable time and money.”

Available in sizes from 15mm to 54mm, Albion’s range comprises: WRAS approved ball valves, static and dynamic balancing valves as well as swing check valves and strainers available in DZR brass, with EPDM seats and CE certification.

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