Albion expands range of hydronic balancing valves

Albion Valves (UK) Ltd, has extended its range of hydronic balancing valves with the introduction of a fixed orifice double regulating valve (FODRV). Les Littlewood, Sales and Marketing Director for Albion talks about the new range and explains the importance of improving the performance of hydronic balancing valves which require accurate commissioning.

“It is important for us to adapt our range in line with the ever-changing environment that engineers are operating in”. states Les. “In recent years, engineers have been under pressure to save space, reduce costs and create more efficient systems and that has resulted in an increase in the use of hydronic balancing systems. Our new FODRV aims to solve some of these common issues by combining two important components into one valve, therefore saving space, providing a cost-saving and allowing for a quicker installation.” He adds.

Appropriate design and precise control are the two critical factors that ensure water based low temperature hot water central heating and chilled water cooling systems run effectively and efficiently. However these factors are not enough on their own to ensure good performance, particularly in commercial buildings. System efficiency also requires suitable commissioning by an engineer responsible for determining the correct comfort levels and effective temperature control all year round.

Commercial installations face considerable stresses that can significantly impact the operation of LTHW and CHW pipe networks. These can be caused by several factors including the use of electronics, unpredictable issues such as open windows and doors and the fact their heating and cooling systems must accommodate the high volume and varied movement of people.

Effective balance and control by a building service engineer can mitigate/overcome poor temperature regulation, which negatively affects the performance of building occupants. To achieve a well-balanced variable volume system it is imperative to employ the right set of hydronic balancing valves (also known as commissioning valves).

Poor hydronic balancing of a LTHW or CHW water-based system will result in unequal flow distribution, which will cause surpluses in some terminals and undersupply in others. This has a large negative impact on comfort control quality and the required heating or cooling will not be forthcoming in every part of the installation. Installing the right mix of hydronic balancing valves including pressure control valves, pressure independent control valves and thermal balance valves will avoid this issue.

Hydronic balancing valves will save cost, space and commissioning time on the installation whilst ensuring improved delivery performance, energy efficiency and comfort over the lifetime of the building.

The hydronic balancing range forms only part of Albion’s offering, which has grown year-on-year since the company was founded over 25 years ago. The extensive portfolio aims to supply a complete valve solution to the building services, process and industrial markets and includes a public health range as well as other manual and actuated valves.

The new ART 255 combines two core system components into a single valve – a double regulating valve and an orifice plate – meaning it provides a cost-saving, speeds up installation time and reduces the number of potential leak points, when compared to its two-part alternative.

The ductile iron valve is 16 bar rated and is available from 2” to 12” and has an operating temperature range of -20°C to +120°C.

The new valve provides an alternative to Albion’s existing ART 250 and ART 270 – which is their double regulating valve and orifice plate option.

The ART 255 complements an already comprehensive range of balancing valves and controls, which are often used on large building services projects. The valve has joined the other hydronic valves on Albion’s sizing program, enabling their knowledgeable team to provide support with schedules and assist with any sizing issues, in a timely manner.

As with all of Albion’s range, the ART 255 is available for next-day delivery when ordered before 4PM. For more information, visit the Albion website at or call them on 01226 729900.