Albion introduces BIM for building services range

As technology is becoming more and more prominent within our everyday lives it is not surprising that the building services industry is looking to technology for ways to become more efficient.

Albion Valves (UK) Ltd, a leading valve supplier to the building services market, has recently introduced Building Information Modelling (BIM) components for its core product range.

BIM software allows buildings to be designed digitally using 3D components allowing for an early visual representation of a build, plus all associated asset data. All aspects of a building can be designed in this software, from the valves to the windows and doors, this provides an easier and more accurate way to generate system quantities and highlights any conflicts at the initial stages, before the construction begins.

The accompanying asset data which is associated with each BIM component is important when designing HVAC, hot and cold water systems, this data will incorporate key information such as dimensions, weights and flow rates which will allow the user to establish whether all components incorporated are compatible.

The demand for BIM components has increased dramatically in recent years due to the Government’s Construction Strategy that states the Digital Built Britain programme will be a primary focus over the coming years, and as part of which, BIM will play a large part. In preparation, the Government defined 4 levels of BIM in 2011, with a view to all centrally funded Government projects using BIM Level 2 by 2016, which has been achieved, and the introduction of Level 3 into the market by the mid-2020’s. The upcoming Government projects, such as the promised 40 new hospitals before 2030, will emphasise the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of BIM and encourage more private sector projects to also utilise this new way of working.

Building specifiers, designers and contractors within the building services sector are now frequently utilising the tools available to digitise the built environment, thus providing them with a detailed analytical view of a built asset during the design and construction of a project. The uptake of this new technology demonstrates that the industry has recognised the need for a more efficient design and, more importantly, is willing to adapt.

David Keys, Albion’s Managing Director, comments “With the massive benefits that BIM brings to design and build stages of construction I have no doubt that it is going to completely revolutionise the industry. This new way of working not only improves productivity but also reduces risk, waste and costs, not only through the construction phase but for the lifetime of the build.”

Whilst the benefits for BIM during the construction phase are plain to see, the benefits it holds for maintaining the building are not quite as obvious. The maintenance benefits include improved awareness of asset locations, especially when it comes to valves and pipework as they are likely to be hidden and not always easily accessible, and the asset data allows engineers to determine that replacement valves are fit for purpose and will ultimately reduce downtime.

Albion’s BIM components are available to download free of charge from or the bimstore, and are conveniently compatible with many of the leading BIM software programmes, including Autodesk Revit, Bentley and IFC.

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