Albion to upskill industry professionals with Pressure Reducing Valve CPD

Albion Valves (UK) Limited has been in the industrial heating and valve market for over 40 years, selling exclusively through our network of independent distributors. With this experience comes a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we wish to share with the industry through our first CIBSE-Approved CPD.

Our first CPD has been introduced after recently increasing our interaction with the consultants and contractors within the industry, through the introduction of our Project Support Team.

The team includes a Technical Manager, several dedicated Material Scheduling and Estimating personnel, and an increasing number of external Contracts Managers.

The subject of our first CPD is ‘Pressure Reducing Valves’, supporting our newly launched PRV – the ART 671, and our complete range of PRV’s and wider pressure control offering.

The CPD can be presented at your premises or remotely and will last around an hour, including time for Q&A’s.

The presentation will cover:

• The general function of PRV’s
• Understanding why we need PRV’s
• How PRV’s work and the different types available – Direct Acting and Pilot Operated
• Performance standards
• How to select and size PRV’s
• Best practise when it comes to installation

This CPD aims to give you the knowledge to select the correct size and type of PRV to suit your specific project requirement and also the confidence to know that you are installing it in line with the industry best practises.

To enquire and book a CPD, please get in touch with Albion’s Marketing Manager, Jodie Seymour, on

To learn more about Albion’s comprehensive range of PRV’s you can find all relevant datasheets and product certification on the website here –